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  1. TheTorlay

    complaints - COPS

    @Vittex why did you delete your comments in our private mails after reading this then remove me as a friend ? you scared i was gonna screenshot and post them ? I was only joking about posting them but unlucky for you, your chat was at the top of my list and i screenshot your comments like 20 mins ago lol really gonna play me like that man, thought we were cool hahaha
  2. TheTorlay

    complaints - COPS

    @PlayboiRico its not even american style roleplay buddy, its just basic roleplay my friend. At this point i have seen better roleplay on random public servers than i have on V-life, and many players agree, they are jsut too scared to speak up becasue they will be banned by mintaz. i have quite a few discord messages from people i can screenshot and post when an admin actually replies
  3. TheTorlay

    complaints - COPS

    @Cz4rt3k you sure you have never broke rules ? like RDM ? like metagaming ? like stream sniping ?
  4. TheTorlay

    complaints - COPS

    and hell if theres only 2 people allowed to rob a store then you better ban the 2 admins that are in the LOST MC also, pretty sure i have done a few store robberies with me and 2 admins ( that makes 3 people) LUL
  5. TheTorlay

    complaints - COPS

    did i say they dont apply ? are you seriousy that blind ? at what point did i say they didnt apply to us ? i said i did not know about the "2 people for store robbery" rule. the only rule i knew about gangs commiting crimes like robberys ect was that only 5 were allowed to be together. If that is too hard for your to understand then i dont know how to explain it to you At the end of the day, i dont plan to play this server again anyway. so i couldnt care less about the ban. i DONT want to be unbanned. so i have nothing to lie about. What i do hope for is for a real admin or the owner of the server to mabey read this shit and sort his admins out, because have you seen how dead the server has been recently ? the numbers are falling and it is all because of certain admins and certain cops ( not all admins and cops are bad ).
  6. TheTorlay

    complaints - COPS

    @Mintaz Ok so you say cops broke no rules ? 2.5 By entering the server you are obliged to play your character During the game, you can leave the character only on the Administration command - Cops broke character at yellow jack about 3 times. If you think that another player broke the rules during the action, bring the action to the end and report the situation afterwards - cop pointed out rulebreaks i nthe middle of RP Every commencement of fire exchange must be initiated. - cops shot and poured gas on bikes with no initiationat fleeca bank. It is forbidden to use any exploits or bugs giving an advantage in the game. - used a bullet proof SWAT car to shoot from because can cant kill him in it. A player whose character has been brought to a state of fainting as a result of injury (BW) is obliged to play them for a minimum of one hour after the incident occurred - thye seems very healthy in there SWAT gear rolling around with no injuries. I appreciate we missed the rule on only 2 people allowed to rob a store, thats my bad personally, i never noticed that rule. but you also say we are not allowed 5 to rob a bank but there is no rule about that as far as i can see ? Also you might wanna get the devs to check those logs, becasue i can assure you we did not die that many times or log out to revive since that does not work anyway. only time we logged out was when the clothing store in paleto froze on our screens due to too many people being too close to each other.
  7. TheTorlay

    complaints - COPS

    So you say that you won't obey the rules because it's against your RP plan? You could just ask some admins for permission to do so. Well for one you cant say anything about breaking rules. your famous for being a shitlord yourself. so dont try and act all high and mighty. Second, we didnt intend to break any rules regarding numbers. we only knew about the 5 gang members commiting crime at one time. As for the apparent, logging in and out then if the admins actually do thier job they will find the logs are fucked. one of our guys died by a truck at harmonny mechanics and i used first aid on him. then some of us died at fleeca bank about 1 hour or so later. those logs show us dying like 2 times which is very wrong LUL only time we logged out tonight was at clothing store in paleto when the UI got bugged out about 3 times on us. But logs are never wrong apparently LUL
  8. TheTorlay

    complaints - COPS

    Double dare you pussies who messaged me about how bad mintaz is and how bad the cops are to post your opinion here. Never know i may post screenshots of your comments if im bored, what do you have to lose
  9. TheTorlay

    complaints - COPS

    Right where do i start. The cops of this city are lazy useless cunts basiclly. and thats as nice as i am willing to say it. I have been warned by many people in this server of how bad the cops are ( this includes people who are cops have told me). Thye have a fucking disgusting MUST WIN ATTITUDE!!! they abuse game mechanics, they are lazy in how they roleplay. If you dont roll over and be there bitch they get angry and punish you because they are angry OOC about you not making the job easy for them. I have had some questionable interactions with the cops sometimes that annoyed me but i ignored it, since i was told by certain admins that the cops are jsut learning how to RP and will get better. But after tonight i will stay quiet no more. and i hope all the people who messaged me on discord about how bad the cops are and how much the cops abuse the server will speak up also. grow some fucking balls people and complain if you are not happy. If you dont complain then you end up with these idiots ruiining the RP. So tonight. Cops pissed us off wiith some uneducated traffic stops ect, so we decided as a group we would teach them a lesson not to abuse powers. we wanted to rob a bank and if the cops were assholes again we would killl them. 3 cops online all night, so we reached out on discord ect to cops and asked them to come on duty, NO ONE WOULD COME ON DUTY !! its a friday fucking ngiht and we cant commit crime. So since we only had 3 cops we drove to the yellow jacket, cops followed us to yellow jacket, so we got inside and started a robbery and spoke to them. The cop then starts talking about SERVER RULES inside roleplay ( FailRP basic fucking lesson!!!!) saying we cant do a simple robbery with 5 people, only allowed 2. Well this wasnt a simple robbery we had an RP story we were starting. so he ruined our ROLEPLAY so that he could RULEPLAY !!!! so we killed them all. we then head to fleeca bank to rob it. suddenly 4+ cops come on duty ( cops clearly told there cop friends they needed help so they all logged in) ( METAGAMING!!!!!!) If i was in trouble and asked a club member to log on to kill cops i would be banned so why are the cops not punished ? ??? so the 4+ cops show up to the bank........ 1 walks out front, doesnt talk at all. the rest of them go round back of bank and pour gas all over our bikes and blow them up ( where was the initiation ? ) If i shot the cops or blew there car up without saying anything i would be banned so why are they ok to do this shit ? then another cop gets inside a SWAT bullet proof car and shoots us because the other cops were shot. If we cant shoot inside to kill him then he should NOT be allowed to shoot outside and kill us its fucking POWERGAMING !!!!!!! at the end of the day, half of the cops are SALTY , METAGAMING, POWERGAMING, GAME MECHANIC ABUSING, MUST WIN , CHEATING, LAZY CUNTS!!!! If we even go offroad on our bikes they get upset and get us banned. so its about time people fucking reported them back! and its about time the fucking admins of this server got a grip of themselves and actually dealt with the problems and SPOKE to people about a situation and get both sides from it before they ban poeple. I get your lazy in your job, but guess what, keep going and the server will be empty soon. GG GG GG !!!! Feel free to ban me, i know you dont like the truth being posted. But with any luck this will give some other people the balls to post thier opinions also. becasue i have at least 15/20 people who have messaged me over my months here bitching about how they want to complian about admins and cops but are scared to get banned. If you are scared of being banned for pointing out problems in a community then IT IS NOT A COMMUNITY !!!!!! It is a fake joke !! Peace out ! Bobby
  10. TheTorlay


    SteamID: Nick Discord profile : Nick OOC : IC data: Server : Nick Admin : Description of the situation: Please unban, i do nothing wrong. focus on banning meta gamers and OOC warriors first. me be good unban plez
  11. TheTorlay

    Zlot samochodów MUSCLE oraz motocykli CHOPPER

    Bobby Mactavish / Elle Muscle car
  12. TheTorlay


    Just want to say i have been recently loving the RP with the guys from Purple gang, We have lots of plans together to make the criminal world alot mroe realistic like IRL. Gonna be some good times ahead Also really enjoy the RP from the folks at Tattoo shop. Always great details in thier work. one of the best run businesses in the city Hope to meet even more people soon.
  13. TheTorlay

    CK - Casey ColeSlaw

    Steam: link to http://steamid.co/u/76561198121521038 Old Data: Casey Coleslaw Reason: I made this character to help get the new dinner known on the server, but there was not much roleplay to be had so i have since quit playing her.
  14. TheTorlay


    Bobby MacTavish LOST MC
  15. TheTorlay

    Bug with weapons

    Currently when you get your weapon taken from you there is a bug where you get it back. Example: you get shot, person takes your gun, you log out and you get the gun back. If this bug could get fixed that would be brilliant, becasue right now with cops not taking peoples guns it makes our business pointless. Cops dont remove guns from people and even when they do the person gets the guns back because of this bug. So someone will buy a gun from us ONE time, then a few days later we see them with LOTS of the same gun. This bug is being abused over and over again by certain people. Before this bug we used to sell ALOT of guns. now After the bug, we sell basiclly 0 guns. yet every gang has an unlimtied amount of Automatic guns to use. thanks
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